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We love what we do! Founded in 1998 by the talents of sisters Leia Jones and Liesl Allred, ADC continues to thrive thanks to the passion of our dancers and teachers who share a love for Irish Dance and the community it fosters. 

Our teachers are all home grown, having trained in Irish Dance at ADC as well as in various other styles of dance and fitness. We are passionate about what we do and our teachers continue to perform alongside our students. We enjoy being on stage as well as in the classroom! Our more advanced students serve as assistants and student teachers in the classroom as well.



Emily joined the ADC family in 2006 with previous ballet and modern dance experience and fell in love with the atmosphere and rhythm. When not dancing a jig, she enjoys being with her husband, twin girls and dogs plus working as a sign language interpreter. Her favorite rhythm is the treble jig.



Gloria has been dancing with ADC since it was founded in 2001. A life long performer with a degree in theater, she loves putting her stage experience to use, particularly with our Celtic Celebrations. Her favorite rhythm is the open treble jig.



Janelle has always loved to dance, but took it more seriously in college and got a minor in folk dance. She found ADC in 2014 when she returned to Utah and has loved dancing with them ever since. Outside of dance, she enjoys being outdoors with her dog Kronk and her family. Slip jig is her favorite dance rhythm.

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Megan has been part of the ADC family since age 12. She loves all things Celtic. She also enjoys hiking, world travel and Highland dancing. Her favorite dance is the hornpipe.



Leia delights in world travel, camels and corgis. She is also a social worker and therapist and has a flair for headband making. Her favorite rhythm is the hornpipe.



Sarah has danced with ADC since 2004 and continues to perform with our adult dancers. When not dancing, she is a busy wife and mom and enjoys triathlons and cake decorating. Her favorite rhythm is treble reel.



Next to Irish dancing, ballet is her favorite. She loves working with children and has been teaching 30+ years. Outside of dance she is a busy mom. Her favorite rhythm is the slip jig.



Sarah has been Irish dancing since 2004. She previously assisted in our younger classes and danced and performed with ADC for 12 years before taking a break for college. We are excited to have her return to teach with us. Besides dancing, Sarah loves being outside, hiking, camping, backpacking, and people... She also enjoys every rhythm, but especially a good reel!

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Melanie has been in dance shoes since age 6, when she started ballet, jazz, tap, and clogging. She performed with the Ricks College American Folk Dancers and was thrilled to discover adult Irish dance classes at ADC in 2009. When she's not dancing, she's spending time with her four kids, enjoying the outdoors, and working in corporate communications. Her favorite dance is a treble reel.



Laurie grew up dancing ballet, tap, jazz, and modern, adding Irish as a new style as an adult. She and her husband and two young boys dance together often, including at ADC! Her favorite rhythm is open treble jig.

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