Meet the Reel Team


Liesl is one of the founders of ADC. She has had a life-long passion for dancing, and has been teaching nearly 30 years including other dance styles. Next to Irish dancing, ballet is her favorite. She has love for people and children and works as an elementary classroom aide. Outside of dancing she is a busy mom of a son who aspires to be an astronaut ninja! Her favorite rhythm is the slip jig.

Owner & Instructor


Leia is an original founder of ADC. She delights in world travel, camels and corgis. She is also a social worker and therapist and has a flair for headband making. Her favorite rhythm is the hornpipe.

Owner & Instructor


Pam has been part of the ADC family since 2003. She takes care of studio finances, communication and performance scheduling. She is a busy mom of 5 children, including several Irish Dancers. She spends most of her time volunteering in education and loves to spend her free time reading, playing games and hanging out with her family. Her favorite dances are the ones her children are in.

Finance & PR


Emily has been part of the ADC family since 2006. Although growing up in the ballet world, she has found her "people" with Irish Dance. When not teaching or dancing, she enjoys being with her husband and twin girls and working as a sign language interpreter. Her favorite rhythm is the treble jig.

Director & Instrutor


Gloria is an original member of the ADC family, having begun lessons when she was 10.  Gloria is a lover of all things literary, theatrical or bunny-related. She is a mom of two future dancers and her favorite dance is the open treble jig.



Megan has been part of the ADC family since forever. She loves all things Celtic. She also enjoys hiking, world travel and Highland dancing. Her favorite dance is the hornpipe.



Krista has been part of the ADC family for over a decade. She has a great love for singing, theatre, kung fu, and baking delicious things. When not dancing, she is chasing around her adorable toddler and/or shamelessly flirting with her amazing husband. Her favorite dance is the treble jig. 



Sarah has danced with ADC since 2004 and continues to perform with our adult dancers. When not dancing, she is a busy wife and mom and enjoys triathlons and cake decorating. Her favorite rhythm is treble reel.



Alissa joined ADC in 2004 at ten years old. She has come back after a five-year break and is extremely excited to be teaching the traditional set dance class on Saturdays and to be dancing with and assisting the Banshees. Her loves are fine art photography and literally any style of dancing. When not dancing, you can find her relaxing at home with her husband and her dog-child, Zeus. Her favorite Irish dance is the treble jig.


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